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My approach to psychotherapy is psychodynamic, which means I look to a person’s past and current relationships as well as internal struggles to help me understand his/her life situation.  Therapy clients typically come to sessions once or twice per week.
Clients of mine have sought therapy for various reasons, some of which relate to the following:

*** relationships

*** depression

*** anxiety

*** sexuality

*** trauma

*** adjustment to significant life transitions, such as finishing college or retirement

*** bereavement

***men's issues

I provide a safe, comfortable space for clients to discuss their feelings, explore their relationships, and work on problem issues.  Sessions are confidential.  My approach is supportive and non-judgmental, with a focus on listening, understanding, and problem-solving.  I see therapy as a discovery process, where both participants actively work together toward common client goals.  These goals typically include self-acceptance, relationship fulfillment, and greater empowerment.